Adventures with Lucy

December 3, 2011

I spent all my twenties convinced I’d never have kids. I’ve never been a baby person, so the thought of having one I was responsible for wasn’t appealing. Well that thing called the biological clock started ticking when I hit 30, and while I still wasn’t into the baby thing, I do like older kids, and I figured when I got to be a real adult, it would be nice to have my own family.

So now at age 32, I have Lucy. Three months ago she entered our lives after 42 weeks of incubating. I’m smart enough to know that having a baby is drastically changing our lives, but determined not to let it steer. I’m counting down the days when I can put ski boots on her and get a Stryder bike. She already spends more time in the Chariot than she does the car seat; and a PeaPod seat for the Xtracycle is on the wish list.

And she has the added benefit of being born in Montana.

So while quick day trips to ski in Fernie may be far and few in between, there are still plenty of adventures to be had.


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