The Story of Powder Girl

April 17, 2008

My bike is an Electra Hawaii named Powder Girl – she gets me everywhere I need to go (within 5 miles).

Powder Girl came from a feature in Powder Magazine. I always wanted to be a “powder girl,” so my then boyfriend, now husband created my own feature profile (he’s a graphic designer). From then on, PowderGirl has been my unofficial moniker.

5 Random Things About me:

– I own 3 pairs of skis and 5 bikes

– Knitting is my favorite indoor hobby

– I love to travel. The most exotic place I’ve been is Thailand, but my favorite place is still our cottage in Northern Wisconsin on the lake. My dream vacation is chartering a yacht in the Greek Isles.

– I am a Christian, but don’t shove my beliefs in other people’s faces. I’m fairly liberal for a ‘conservative.’

– Whiskey is my drink of choice… yes I’m a real mountain girl, don’t be fooled by all the pink!

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