Change is Good

November 5, 2008

“Ultimately, we hope whatever they do is seeking first the Kingdom of God and embodying their politics with their lives rather than just trusting in a single candidate or a single politician to change the world for them. We vote every day with our lives. We vote every day with our feet, our hands, our lips and our wallets. Ultimate change does not just happen one day every four years.”  Shane Claiborne, quoted from a article.

This morning our country woke up to a victory of change. But no matter which candidate won, change is in the air as our next president has to come up with a way to solve our economic woes, our failed foreign policy, our climate change, our moral poverty. Every day on my DenverPost Twitter feeds, its story after story of people dying, being stabbed, children going missing. Its a depressing thing listening to the news, and that’s just local!

Because I work in PR (or maybe I work in PR because), I have a tendency to put a positive spin on things. I don’t necessarily take sides, and look a the positive from all angles. I was ‘undecided’ in this election till almost the last minute because I truly believed either man would bring great change to the table – just different how it was brought. As a Christian, I had to analyze what was important to my beliefs, and not the standard “religious right” crap that I’m supposed to subscribe to as a Christian. Right to Life goes way beyond unborn children – what about the poverty in Sudan where a child has to live in a camp so not to get kidnapped; what about the orphans from the earthquakes in China and Afghanistan, and the people who were left without shelter. Don’t they all have a right to life too? Jesus called us to serve the poor and the downtrodden, not to bomb abortion clinics.

I have a choice to make everyday how I am going to react to situations – am I going to be judgmental to a coworkers opinion, or am I going to be full of grace and love them no matter what. I like to think I do the latter, but it is a challenge. In order to change the world, it has to start at the ground level, in our jobs, our neighborhoods, with our friends. Obama isn’t going to change the world alone, its up to all of us to do small things daily to change the community around us.

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New Office Toy

October 10, 2008

Ian shows off the latest addition to the Backbone office.

Ski films galore

October 4, 2008

We are at the Wheeler Opera House watching movies as part of The Meeting. The first one, Massive, was a Tanner Hall film. It had some good skiing, but the overall film itself was slow and the attempt at creating a story line was unsucsessful. Claim by Matchstick on the otherhand was their best film since Ski Movie I. The combination of fantastic lines, destinations, and good intro skits made for a great movie. The highlight was Colby West lipsinging to “Its not Unusual.” He was entertaining on stage as well. Now I am definitely ready to ski !

Go out an Vote! The celebs tell us to.

October 2, 2008

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Mount Olympus Trip Report

September 4, 2008

I wrote about my trip on WildSnow. Read it and comment about how cool I am…

Insyderz Mantra

August 20, 2008

“I don’t want to be a race car driver in a rat race
Doing what I can to be on top
I don’t want to be a metal head it’s a way
Of life banging my head to vicious rock
I don’t want to be an elementary school teacher
Putting up with kids Like me
I don’t want my stupid ways to make me
Miss my train next stop to glory
I don’t think I want to be fighting in a wrestling ring
Elbow smashing people for drunk men
I don’t think I want to be any of the farming
Type I don’t know how to milk a hen
I don’t think I want to be a guy with
Popularity being someone that I’m not
I don’t think I want to be
One of the men in blue
Hanging out in doughnut shops

I don’t know a lot about science but I do
Know that I’m not a hairless ape
I don’t know anything about really about
Being Kool, less filling or taste’s great
I don’t know if you would call being in a ska-core band really holding down a job
I guess I don’t know what I’ll do in my old age
but I’ll always praise my God

I don’t know much, but one thing is true
All I want to do is live my life for you
No matter what people say

Please God give me peace, give me hope and give me grace
And the strength to see my life through”
Rat Race by the Insyderz

At church on Sunday, Charley challenged us to have a ‘go to prayer’ for times we just needed a quick prayer – when driving in traffic, frustrating times at work, or anywhere we need a quick reconnection to God. I had just put the Insyderz on my ipod. The whole song and especially the last line to Rat Race stuck out, and I jotted it down to be my quick prayer. Especially right now, I need a lot of peace and hope, as I don’t know where I’ll be living or what I’ll be doing in the next six months. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but really, that’s not the important thing.

And we're home… finally

August 8, 2008

After 6400 miles on the car, its nice to be out of it. I’m excited to be able to use my bike as my main mode of transportation now.

Recap of the past few weeks. After a wonderful week at the lake, we went to Milwaukee and spent a few days with my dad. I haven’t spent that much time in Milwaukee in awhile, so we got to do a few things I’ve been wanting to do: Bike down to the lake front and have coffee/lunch at Alterra (might be one of my favorite coffee shops ever), ended up being about a 30 mile ride; touring the Sprecher Brewery, which makes probably the best root beer in the world; and we finally found the disc golf course, so played a quick 9 holes.

After Milwaukee, we made our way to Missouri with a quick stop in Chicago and had lunch with Dave’s friend Craig and my step-bro Jeff. We then drove the length of Illinois down to SE Missouri, of course passing Carbondale, Ill and taking pics of the signs. 🙂 We arrived at Dave’s grandma’s house around dinner to about 60% humidity… Ugh. Luckily, everyone there has air conditioning. We spend the next few days gorging on delicious Southern food and swearing to never eat again! We did a tour of Dave’s uncle’s farm. I’ve never been on a working farm before, so it was really cool to learn about how it works. Uncle David (yes, same name) grows corn, soybeans and rice. We also did a 20 mile bike ride – which was pretty, but also miserable in the heat and humidity. Word to the wise – never go to Missouri in the summer!

We then made our way to Omaha to visit with some college buddies. On the way we did a stop in St. Louis to see the Arch, and stopped in Columbia for a quick visit with Dave’s cousin. Columbia is a cool town, too bad its in Missouri. We arrived in Omaha at Nikki and Pete’s house with the humidity and heat no less than Missouri. A full day of no driving on Sunday was nice (besides going to church), and we got to catch up with quite a few people I haven’t seen in about five years. Our church in Ft. Collins helped with a ‘church plant’ in Omaha, and so a bunch of people moved there after college.

Then on to Denver to stay with Dave’s sister in their new house, and to save the final push home for Tuesday. And now…we’re finally home. I’m taking today off of work to relax, do laundry, and get some EXERCISE!!!

I wish I had an iPhone! – No Impact Man

June 5, 2008

The pull to being technologically up-to-date and Compacting. Is an Eco-Techy a real term?

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Does this count against me?

May 14, 2008

Is it against compacting if my bosses give me an iPhone?

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5Point Film Festival

May 12, 2008

We just had the wrap up of the inaugural 5Point Film Festival here in Carbondale. I was in charge of the public relations for the event – getting stories written in the local papers. It was a huge success with every night selling out! We had some great speakers, thanks to founder Julie Kennedy’s massive connections in the outdoor industry. Silly me, I totally forgot to take pictures!!!

see for a great wrap-up by Lou.

My favorite part of the whole event was seeing Erik Weihenmayer’s presentation. He is the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest, and has gone on to become a successful mountaineer and inspirational speaker. He’s done some great things to help ‘disabled’ people get into sports through a few non-profits he’s involved in.