Finding Passion – in bikes?

May 15, 2009

I’ve always had trouble answering the question “what’s your passion?” I’ve always been the type that was interested in a lot but passionate in nothing. To many things to experience to really focus on just one thing. But I think I’ve found a passion finally – bikes! It may sound shallow and flippant, but when I spend $30 on a t-shirt that says “saving the world ain’t so hard” with a pic of a bike, it has meaning to me (especially if you know me and know I’m don’t buy new things that often). I’m not the obsessed roadie or mountain biker. I do these things, but I’m much more interested in the simpleness of the bicycle as transportation and how it can benefit communities through less traffic, pollution and getting people outside. The past few weeks with the 18 Hours, 5Point (not the films themselves, but more hanging out with the New Belgium guys) and then this week as Bonedale Bike Week, I’ve been the most happy as I have in months.

Mi Bicicleta o Mi Muerta

Mi Bicicleta o Mi Muerte

How to race an Xtracycle – 10 things I learned at the 18 Hours of Fruita

May 4, 2009
The team of Xtracycles

The team of Xtracycles

1.   Take turns wide

2.    Standing while climbing is not recommended; make sure you have a granny gear

3.    Fenders are not recommended when it’s raining – even if it is your townie. Mud gets caught and makes the tires not move

4.    The xtra weight very likely will cause your chain to break if you crank up too hard a hill

5.    The one guy you pass probably totally feels like a looser that he just got passed by a girl on a long bike

6.    When the bike you ride is decorated purple with a glow skull, flags, spoke cards and spray-painted, you feel like aimg_3029 total stud

7.    A start time of midnight makes for a long day, even when you only ride once. Got to cheer on the rest of the team!

8.    The blowup doll strapped on the back of the Xtra is necessary at least for one lap

9.    Beer tastes xtra good – especially when the New Belgium tent is only steps away from the finish line

10.  It’s the most fun on two wheels

Cranking up the final push
Cranking up the final push