Just another stop in life

August 28, 2009

I haven’t been much for writing recently. Too much going on could be my lame excuse, but really, I haven’t been inspired. Life took a drastic turn a few weeks ago when I accepted a job in northern Montana basically doing my dream job. Its been non-stop ever since, and the amount of thoughts and feelings going through my head should be great fodder for writing. But its been just a bit too overwhelming to even put it on paper (or the keyboard more like it). So here I am, 5 days into my new life in Whitefish, and realizing I’m still not inspired, but forcing myself to write anyway.

This is my second night alone since my mom left after driving with me. I’m in a  condo at the ski resort where I work for a few more days before the lease on my apartment starts up. Dave will show up mid-September with the Uhaul in tow. I know I’ll make friends eventually and probably get involved with way to many things like I have a habit of doing, but for now, I’m by myself with nothing but my computer and a glass of wine. But I’m not lonely. I’ve time to work on grad school, hopefully get the pink poncho finished for Selah before she’s 2 and read – I’m reading a novel for the first time in months! I’m completely content. I’m sure it will be weird when I move into the apartment with nothing but a camp box and air mattress. I didn’t even think to bring some hangers!

I’m excited to get on my bike once I’m in town and explore. The coffee shop downtown is supposedly awesome, and I’ve already experienced the City Beach. Water and mountains are my favorite combo, and I’ve got both here. I’ve got a list of promising sounding churches to start checking out on Sunday, and so far it seems the bike culture here is vibrant (but nowhere near Stompa-style…). I think I’ll like it here and hopefully have stories to tell.