Adventures with Lucy – Summer, Summer, Summertime!

September 28, 2012

Checking new routes.

Road Trip to Hood River? Check. Road Trip to Colorado for two weeks? Check. Skiing on Logan Pass in Glacier NP in June? Check. Weekend of camping and biking? Check. Climbing a peak? Check.

Summer is full of road trips, camping, climbing, biking and everything else to do in the mountains. The goal was to do at least one “adventure” a month for the summer to take advantage of where we get to live.

April: Long weekend to Hood River, OR, to visit some friends and do a road trip test run with Lucy. We took our road bikes and did a cool ride on the old Columbia Gorge Hwy. And saw lots of cool waterfalls!

May: Two-Week trip to Colorado. Biggest adventure was the transmission going out on the car a mile from Dave’s parents house… Wedding. Biking. Lots of friends and grandparents. Needed a vacation from this vacation.

June: Skied on Logan Pass. It finally stopped raining, so we took advantage of the last weekend in June and went to Glacier National Park with some friends. Lucy (9 months) and Cooper (age 3 months at the time) took their first ski. Lucy slept in the backpack the whole time. We were all quite the sight at the visitor’s center – skis always get double takes in the summer from tourists, but add two babies to the mix? We got more stares and pictures taken of us than I think the bears did that day…

July: First attempt of a camping trip in Helena. Successful if only because we got to camp so late that Lucy was already asleep. But she slept all night! Laura watched Lucy on Saturday so Dave and I could go bike the Helena Ridge Trail. The next weekend, Patrick and Loni came up from Bozeman and we went to Stone Hill and did a full day of climbing and kid wrangling. Camping attempt #2 was foiled by not remembering the tent…

August: Grandparent staycation! While my mom was visiting, we planned a mini getaway which ended up just being a full day in the Park. What we thought was a simple summiting a peak (like one with a trail…) was a full day of scree scramble on Mt. Siyeh. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was stunning, amazing, and I never have to do it again. Then a more manageable hike to Link Lake. Lucy spent lots of time swimming in lakes in August, and had a rash to prove it.

September: Lucy’s 1st Birthday party, but even bigger was the CINO HEROICA! We’ve been trying to do the Cino ride from Kila to Hot Springs for 3 years now, and finally pulled it off. 110 Miles of mostly dirt roads. Dave road 60 miles, and I road the return at 50 miles. The Land Cruiser was one of the support vehicles so whoever was driving still got to be involved. Lunch of salami, cheese, bread, wine and tiramisu was awesome. The next weekend Dave adventured on a bike epic with a friend, so Lucy and I had our own adventures at home, including a bout with the flu. Then we climbed Mt Aeneas in the Jewel Basin for Lucy’s first peak.

And there are still three more days left until October!