Adventures in Cooking from Scratch

July 28, 2011

We’ve been on a mission to reduce the amount of pre-packaged and processed food consumed at home, therefore making as much from scratch from possible. I also want to make all my own baby food when the little monster starts to eat solid food, so its been a good test of skill and time management…

This task seemed very daunting at first, but with a little creativity and this wonderful thing called the Internet to find recipes, it hasn’t been too terrible. First I started with making my own granola, which after burning a few batches in my 1970s oven, have finally almost mastered. Having a CSA this summer from the great people at Ten Lakes Farm in Eureka has also been an adventure in vegetables. How many ways can you use a head of cabbage?? We’ve also joined a chicken CSA and so get two locally raised full chickens each month (thankfully plucked and gutted). The meal I’ve been the most proud of? South Carolina Pulled Chicken sandwiches made with the local chicken, buns from Wheat Montana, and topped with a coleslaw made entirely from scratch with cabbage from the CSA and a homemade dressing. Delicious! Darned if I didn’t take a picture of it… Next time.

Tonight I tried out a black bean burger recipe I’ve had for awhile. Made crock-pot black beans over the weekend (once you make your own, canned beans are so gross), and made patties just like you would a hamburger with the addition of red onion, breadcrumbs (homemade!), eggs, and threw it in the broiler for a few minutes! Much easier than I thought. My goal is to make a pot of beans every weekend as they are so useful, and like always, quesadillas are my fall back meal.

The raspberry bushes in the yard are ripening, and rumor is the hucks are in too! Next up, foraging for berries. Huckleberry Rhubarb crisp may be the next thing on the menu.