"Real Life is Over-Rated"

June 11, 2008

Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all the random blog and RSS feeds I subscribe to definitely take up way to much time in my daily life. Like right now, I’m at my desk, its 8:30, and I haven’t even gone to make my cup of coffee yet! Crazy. I’m a little afraid what I will become once I get my iPhone…

Another Reason I'm an Apple fan

May 19, 2008


Every time I’ve called AppleCare, I’ve talked to someone whose native language is English – or at least the person is fluent enough that I can’t tell.  My call is answered promptly and the issue is fixed just as fast.

I’m currently on the phone with HP Support because our All-in-One printer is having issues. The first guy (HP Bozo #1) wasn’t very easy to understand, and now that I’m on the phone with HP Bozo #2 – supposedly the tech guy – he can’t find the order number that HP Bozo #1 gave me. So I’ve paid my $35 support fee, yet I’ve been on hold for at least 15 minutes because #2 can’t find my order. I’ve now been on the phone for 40 minutes and not a step closer to fixing my printer/scanner/fax machine… And now I just got disconnected.

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