Cranking it up for Bonedale Bike Week

April 6, 2009

Some days I think we should just get rid of the car, as least one of the cars. Not like both of them are ever out of the driveway at the same time, unless one is in the shop. They sit and get snowed on and rained on, but rarely started. Why may you ask? Well, could be because of any of the 12 bicycles that live at my house. They demand to be ridden. If I walk outside with my keys in hand ready to start up the Land Cruiser, I see PowderGirl’s tassels blowing, beckoning me to come ride…

We started ‘Bonedale Bike Week last year in an effort to get more people out of their cars and on their bikes. Our small town of 5000 people is the perfect bike town. No hills, bike paths almost everywhere (well, except on the last stretch of highway that gets to my neighborhood, but that’s a whole nother story) and cops that escort us on Full Moon Cruiser rides wishing they were on bikes too. My friend Tracy took me to Boise where she started Boise Bike Week for inspiration, and the vision took hold. So last year, with help of a few others, we started up Bonedale Bike Week.  With the popularity of the cruiser rides, we figured why not devote a week to all things bike?

So we’re now in the midst of planning all the cool events we’ve got planned for this year. We’ve enlisted New Belgium as a sponsor as well as got the town rec departement on board (helps both Tracy and I work there part time). Should be a blast! May 11-16, 2009.

Two Weeks and so far so good

April 2, 2009

I’m now just over two weeks into my month-long cleanse. After my first couple days of utter starvation and cravings, I’ve settled into my new meal plan and the cravings for the most part have subsided. I feel like this process is actually teaching me how to cook! No more quick quesadillas, I now have to fully plan what I’m going to eat for the day. I’ve learned to make quinoa, polenta and have finally mastered the art of eggs for breakfast (that’s always been Dave’s job).

A few things have really been my saving grace: popcorn and rice cakes w/ almond butter. I’m a snacker, and these two things have given the little bits of energy I need mid morning and mid afternoon.

The downfalls? I’m tired really early. No caffine to keep me going on the weekends, I’m still in bed by 10:30 (party pooper). And I’m actually having to pack a lunch for skiing on the weekends as there isn’t much to feed me on the mountain (the usual sweet potato fries and a candy bar really doesn’t fit in this diet…).

Overall, I’m feeling great. But the Full Moon cruiser ride next week isn’t going to be the same with out my hot toddy in hand!