One Percent Video – are you supporting member companies?

June 18, 2008

By looking for the 1% for the Planet logo on things I already buy – beer, clothes, accessories, energy bars – I can do my small part. But I’m trying not to buy things anyway. At least this gives me a better feeling about pushing products when those products are doing something to give back.

"Real Life is Over-Rated"

June 11, 2008

Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all the random blog and RSS feeds I subscribe to definitely take up way to much time in my daily life. Like right now, I’m at my desk, its 8:30, and I haven’t even gone to make my cup of coffee yet! Crazy. I’m a little afraid what I will become once I get my iPhone…

I wish I had an iPhone! – No Impact Man

June 5, 2008

The pull to being technologically up-to-date and Compacting. Is an Eco-Techy a real term?

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