Cool Stuff – Plum TV Interview

February 25, 2009

I got to go on PlumTV Aspen for an interview about Big City Mountaineers, one of the organizations that I do pro-bono PR for through Backbone

Viewable through VodPod here: (hopefully some day it will be embeddable!)

Plum Interview

Talk about branding…

February 19, 2009

My very own t-shirt!

My very own t-shirt!

My husband Dave is a graphic/web designer and designed this lovely blog for me. I’ve been pestering him for a t-shirt design with a bike on it, so he took my new PowderGirl design and made it into a t-shirt. Its available at CafePress. If you like it, please get one…

My 5 Things on Blue Planet/Green Living

February 13, 2009

I made a new friend today with Julia at – otherwise known as Blue Planet Green Living. I made the connection over 1% for the Planet, and she ended up posting My Five Things that we can do to save the planet.
Check it out here:

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Skiing has never been this fun

February 7, 2009

I thought I had skied some of the most extreme terrain yesterday at Moonlight Basin, until today when we skied The Ridge at Bridger Bowl. A new lift at Bridger make accessing this terrain a cinch- Dave felt like he was cheating. The hike is mangable, but the skiing is unreal. I honestly don’t think I’ve even been in that steep and technical ever. And considering this was a bad snow day and I came down grinning from ear to ear just further makes me want to ditch the high cost of Aspen and make Montana my home.

Skiing the Z Chute in Bridger Bowl

Skiing the Z Chute in Bridger Bowl