Cool things I've discovered in Whitefish

September 9, 2009

The last few weeks have been full of exploring. Few things I’ve discovered that are cool:
1. Whitefish River bike path. The paths randomly start and end here, but I found a cool stretch this evening that weaves through trees along the river. Very peaceful and beautiful
2. The bike commute to work. Totally sucks because its uphill for 7 miles at a 9% grade. But it only takes 1 hour from my house to my office. Totally doable once (maybe twice) a week. And since I start work at 9ish, I’m not getting up too early.
3. Glacier National Park. Finally went on Monday. Total tourist trap, but like all national parks, once you get on a trail that is more than 2 miles, no tourists to be found… Still fun to stop and point at nothing and see who looks.
4. Tuesday Night Farmers Market. $1 oversized (and organic) zucchinis anyone? ‘Nuf said.
5. And so far the local microbrews are pretty tasty, too!

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