The 5 Worst Excuses for Not Going Green

April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Fox Business has a story about the five worst excuses for not going green.

Excuse No. 1: ‘It’s too expensive.’

That is my big excuse – it is expensive to buy organic and to install solar panels. But CFL lights don’t cost much more, and either do Method cleaning products if I buy them at Target – just got to make sure I’m not driving to Glenwood just to go to Target.

Excuse No. 2: ‘My individual effort won’t
make a difference.’

Neither does my vote, but i still do it anyway.

Excuse No. 3: ‘It doesn’t fit into my lifestyle.’

I just read that residents of NYC have the lowest carbon footprint. That due to more public transportation and the ability to buy local. Living in a more rural area, I rely on imported goods and have to use my car some. But I’m also able to ride my bike to work, and the new food Co-op has locally grown food.

Excuse No. 4: ‘Green products don’t work
as well.’

The only green product i found that doesn’t work as well are dishwasher cubes. So I buy powder instead.

Excuse No. 5: “I don’t know where
to start.”

Easy things to start? Change lightbulbs, grow a garden, set up a compost bin, ride you bike.

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